BY Michael Kirwan  

It should have been mine. It was supposed to be mine. The converted garage apartment had been dangled in front of me as an incentive to behave, get good grades and make a good college in the fall. My dad's in the construction business and did a bang-up job turning a mildewed cobwebbed space into comfortable, efficient living quarters originally for Grandpa (sudden heart attack) then Aunt Lucy (finally found a man and moved to Florida) and finally as a private retreat for me when I turned eighteen (and acted the model good son). Now, out of the blue, arrives my mother's slightly criminal step-brother needing to "get it together". Dad was aggravated, Mom apologetic, and me, I was pissed as Hell!

Uncle Fred moved into MY accommodations with little more than a ratty futon and a battered television set, assuring my scowling father that he would definitely be able to get back on his feet in six or seven months. SIX OR SEVEN MONTHS! My whole summer crammed into my old room while this smirking bum stunk up my area with cigarette smoke and farting. What did I do to deserve this shit?

My Dad suggested that I use the bathroom in Freddie's apartment in part to make him uncomfortable and in part to shut up my constant cranky whining about needing some privacy. He figured Freddie-Boy would balk at having to share the space with his hostile nephew and move on sooner than later. The next day I lay in bed listening to both my parents bustle about and eventually take off for work before getting up to begin my campaign to oust the interloper. I went through the kitchen and up the stairs to the apartment that should have been mine. Since this was a annoyance visit I didn't bother to knock, just pushed my way in ready to get loud. Uncle Fred was already up and in the bathroom and yelled to me that he'd be right out. I sat on the suspiciously stained futon and waited, the wind sort of blown from my sailing in obnoxiously. He'd only been here three days and already it smelled of tobacco, sweat and something else that seemed familiar but elusive. I cringed at the
dirty underwear and crumpled potato chip bags scattered around the bed/couch, the wadded tissue clumps at my feet didn't improve my attitude any.

All my nasty remarks vanished in surprise when Fred emerged from the bathroom naked except for a greasy T-shirt and sporting a fat heaving boner swaying lazily as he approached me. He stood next to me and stretched, his big cock bouncing a droplet of urine on my arm. I was mesmerized by the sight of his thick bloated tool mere inches from my face.

"Don't you hate it when the first leak doesn't get rid of your piss-hard? My dick just doesn't seem to understand the whole concept." He said, propping a foot on the futon and flexing his hard-on even closer to my startled face. He tugged on his hairy ball-sac causing his foreskin to skim back a little from the shiny crown and glistening slit. "Well? I thought you had to use the bathroom? I know I need to finish up on my beauty sleep." He chuckled.

But I realized that I couldn't just stand up, for some crazy reason (I was hoping to pin it on a morning piss-on of my own) I had a humdinger of an erection straining at the fabric of my pajama bottoms. A cum bubble oozed out of my stiffy as Fred sat down next to me and leaned back, his veiny slab of manmeat thumping his soft belly.

"Hey, Earth to Rodney, it's all yours."

It took a second to realize that he meant the bathroom. Blushing and awkwardly trying to conceal my teenage flagpole, I stumbled into the bathroom and shut the door. WOW! What the fuck was that all about? Why was I trembling and tingling all over, my brain apparently blanking out, handing over the reins of power to my rock-hard boyblaster? My pee splattered the wall and on my leg before I could contain my rod and direct the stream into the bowl. I seemed to have caught something from my uncle, my prick didn't get soft like usual. I waited, trying to imagine math problems but nothing worked. Finally I flushed and opened the door. Uncle Fred had a pillow over his eyes and was snoring, his legs splayed and that massive member still engorged and inviting. "INVITING"? What the fuck does that mean? I beat it back to the more familiar part of the house and pretended to get on with my regular life.

Uncle Fred's secret cockshow continued for the next two weeks, my every visit to the far bathroom affording me more prick tugging/stroking/fingering and toying with than you can imagine. I guess I could have used the other bathroom but I was fascinated and turned-on by his casual exhibitionism, and besides I was still trying to stake my claim to the property. When my Dad reached the apex of his aggravation he and Mom took a ten day cruise to the Bahamas, leaving me to make sure that Uncle Fred didn't sell off the house and all our possessions. My nerves jangled and my prick jutted eagerly while I watched TV and thought about how Freddie was going to showcase his fuckstick now that we were alone. Finally around ten o'clock I just couldn't take it any more and made my way through the kitchen and up those stairs. I just walked in as had become my custom and stood there watching Freddie pinching his foreskin while thumbing through a porn magazine.

Without looking up he said, "I was wondering how long it'd take you."

How long what would take me?" I asked, my voice a little hoarse and low.

"Enough with the games, Rodney. They're gone and you ain't stupid. A little inexperienced and confused, but hardly stupid

What's the problem? You been drooling for my bone since I got here. It's okay with me, I got nothing else going on right now. You might as well do it with me, it's convenient and I can give you some helpful pointers, having covered those bases when I was your age. Sit down over here and do what you want." He smiled and lit up a cigarette, spreading his hairy thighs to give me better access.

"Do what I want?" I said, sounding like a moron.

He ignored me. Puffing his cigarette and holding the magazine up by his face he gave me silent permission to touch his semi-erect cock. I sat down and gingerly began handling it, marveling at how quickly it expanded and lengthened. The aroma from his balls and ass crack made me dizzy. I thought I might faint from the excitement. I wrapped my hands around his pulsating shaft and masturbated him in every style I'd ever tried out on my own boytool. From beyond the slick pages hiding his face he hummed contentedly.

"You're going to need to start sucking on it soon, that's just the way this goes. You should get naked now before we start getting sloppy." Uncle Fred informed me, turning to the next page of gooey snatch. As I undressed he added, "Do a lot of licking and sucking before you try swallowing it. Get it nice and juicy and don't neglect my nutsac."

When I got the hang of blowing him he put down the skinrag and positioned us "69" on the futon, sucking my dribbling six incher and offering instructions when I was too close to shooting off. I was sweating, shaking, gagging and squirming when his stubby saliva soaked finger pushed up my ass and triggered an explosive orgasm that he took in his mouth before spitting it onto my twitching invaded sphincter. I thought it was going to be over but he just let me catch my breath and then fed me his massive fleshspear, all the while slowly finger-fucking my sore but hungry asshole.

"It's okay if your dick gets soft for a little while." Fred told me as his fat tube slid down my gulping sputtering throat. "You're young and it'll be hard again soon enough. For now just concentrate on your mouth and this boycunt I'm shaping with my fingers. Feel that? That's two fingers. After the third we're going to try some fucking. It probably won't happen tonight but we'll give it the old school try. Move in here with me for  the next ten days so I can train you right. By then you'll be broken in and know how to make a man feel good. I'm going to unload in a second, take as much as you can. I'll stay hard so you can enjoy it for a while longer." Big gobs of cum rocketed out of his giant pecker, filling my mouth with what felt like a pint of salty thick cream. The pungent nectar gushed and dribbled all over my face and his balls. As the third finger pushed inside of me, opening up a whole new universe of sensations I thought, "Well, I'm at least going to spend some time in MY apartment." and began licking up the yellowish spooge coating my uncle's huge still-raging boner.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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