Jeremy's Visit  



























 Art and Story by Michael Kirwan


     Frank idly fingered his sweaty nuts through his droopy underwear as he waited by the door for Jeremy to climb the four flights up to the apartment. Since he lost his job two weeks ago, Frank rarely got completely dressed anymore unless he had to go outside to the store or something. He heard his friend make it to the landing and opened the door for him, stepping aside to allow entry.

   “Did you get any?” he asked as he locked the door and followed his buddy into the sloppy single-room abode.

    “Jeez. This place smells like old cum. Don’t you do anything besides jerk-off up here?” Jeremy opined.

    “Sleep. Watch TV. But I jerk-off during that. So, no. All’s I do is sleep and play with my dick. Did you get it?” Frank responded.

    “Yeah. You owe me thirty bucks.” Jeremy informed him as he dropped heavily onto the disheveled mattress on the floor. “Got anything to drink?” he added as he loosened his boots.

    “Put it on my tab. Whaddya want? Coke or liquor?” Frank said.

     “Let’s have drinkies!” Jeremy exclaimed in a fake excited voice. “I just cruised through the only neighborhood worse than yours to get this stuff.”

     “This neighborhood ain’t that bad.” Frank answered defensively as he brought over two glasses and a bottle of cheap whiskey.

     “Did you get the cigarettes too?”

     “Yep. Make that $35.50 that you owe me.” Jeremy said matter-of-factly as he pulled both his pack and Frank’s new one from his pants pocket. He lit one up and moved the ashtray on the floor to a more convenient location. As soon as he got his hit of tobacco, the pissed-off frown disappeared, and he was on his way to becoming a happy camper. ”Whaddya got on here?” he queried as he squinted at the television.

    “Kung Fu. Jackie Chan. Early. The dubbers didn’t even try.” Frank said as he settled next to Jeremy in his bed and poured the booze. He grabbed the fresh pack of cigarettes and tore open the top so he could get his smoking in synch with Jeremy’s. “Let’s have a toast.”

     “To what? You're getting a job soon?” Jeremy chortled.

     “Fuck you. Um. ‘Better Days’ and of course more pussy.” Frank declared as he knocked glasses with his pal.

    Jeremy took a swig of the 86 proof, made a sour face, and then coughed out, “More pussy.” in agreement.

    The guys finished their cigarettes and most of their “cocktails” before the thirty bucks worth made its appearance. Three small bags containing dirty white pebbles of ghetto entertainment. Frank fetched the pipe from the sock under the radiator where he kept it hidden in case his father made a surprise visit to bitch about shit and leave a check. Dear old Dad would assume that possessing an obviously, regularly-used crack pipe bode much worse circumstances than was the case. Really.

     Frank inspected the tiny rocks critically before loading the pipe and firing it up. Soon the air was filled with that sweet chemical odor as the boys passed the pipe back and forth until the first round was done. Jeremy slipped off his boots and poured them both another tumbler of whiskey. They relaxed together on the unmade bed smoking cigarettes. The movie ended and some lame rerun began. So, Frank popped his latest porn into the DVD player, and fetched his newest magazine for Jeremy to look at. It was full of thirty year-old women wearing pigtails and pieces of school uniforms, licking lollipops and not trying very hard to present themselves as jailbait. But, there was a lot of shaved pussy and spread cunt-lips so it was worthwhile. They talked about their friends, their parents, their ex-girlfriends. Jeremy unbuckled his pants and unsnapped his top button so he could get his hand inside to toy with his meat as Frank prepared the next pipe load. Jeremy’s slightly glazed eyes wandered from the TV screen to the magazine to his buddy engaged in the crack-smoker’s ritual while telling a story about some shit that happened at the restaurant where he worked. The point of the tale evaporated in a cloud of breathed-out cocaine scent as they took turns indulging. When that pipe was done, they just slumped on the bed smoking cigarettes and watching the video while squeezing their own hardening dicks and occasionally commenting on the action.

   Frank excused himself and went to the bathroom. He always had to take a dump after getting high. Sitting on the toilet evacuating at a pleasant pace, he flicked his cigarette ashes into the sink and entertained some profound ideas that he could relate to Jeremy if they stayed in his head long enough. Although the shit went very well, Frank was dissatisfied with the after-wiping and decided to take a quick shower to clean up properly. He’d begun this habit so that he could keep the same underwear for a couple of days and save some money and time on going down to the Laundromat. Frank didn’t linger as was his wont since becoming unemployed because he didn’t want to neglect his guest and get a bad reputation as an inconsiderate host. He washed his hole, his privates and his armpits and then turned off the water. While drying off, he opened the door and asked Jeremy how he was doing. He heard a few syllables that didn’t sound like a complaint and slipped back into his worn boxers.

    Jeremy had turned off one of the lamps, brought the two-liter coke over to the bed area, and taken off his pants. Frank got down next to him and was handed a half-smoked pipe to partake in. Jeremy was absent-mindedly handling his cock as he watched the faux-lesbian portion of the film. Wanting to be a compliant host, Frank discarded his boxers and fingered his own semi-hardon. Another round of whiskey was poured (which Jeremy was now chasing with Coca-Cola) and more cigarettes were lit. The conversation was all about pussy at this point. Smelling pussy, licking pussy. fucking pussy. Both of them had impressive erections and would surreptitiously glance at their buddy’s rod being stroked right next to them.

     Jeremy took a break from playing with himself to smoke a cigarette. Lounging back comfortably, his big cock was arising from his thick bush and occasionally twitching to maintain it’s stature. From his new position, Jeremy could more easily espy when Frank took frequent sneak peeks at his tool. There was a lull in the all-pussy-all-the-time commentary. Jeremy stubbed out his butt but still hadn’t taken a hold of his dick again.

     “You alright?” Frank asked.

     “Just high. Horny.” Jeremy mumbled.

      Franked nodded. He shared the condition.

     “You up for giving me some suck tonight?” Jeremy suggested in a really casual manner. He held the base of his cock and slowly waved it in Frank’s direction.

      Frank sighed pointedly and didn’t say anything as he intently stared at the television screen awash with some guy’s prick slamming into a wet pussy. Although twice, he glance over at Jeremy’s dick. Finally in a resigned tone Frank said, “Okay. But just for a minute or so. Last time I was so fucked up that I forgot what I was doing and the next thing I knew you had cum in my mouth.”

     “You swallowed the first time, too.” Jeremy helpfully reminded him.

      “Did I? I don’t remember that.” the host lied. “Let me smoke a cigarette first.” He was stalling, not really sure that this should happen a third time. His befogged mind kept repeating that old adage, "Once it’s an experiment, twice it’s verifying the results, but three times and you’re a cocksucker.’

    When his cigarette was done he picked up the magazine and pretended to look at it intently as he murmured, “Have to fill up my head with some cunt before I do that shit, again.”

   Jeremy silently took Frank’s free hand and put it on his expectant cock. Frank’s hand gently clasped the offered appendage and began slowly masturbating his buddy while still studiously looking at photographs of the naked schoolgirls. As soon as his friend’s hand was comfortably fondling him, Jeremy quietly prompted, “It’s just a different type of pipe, Frank. Put it in your mouth and let nature take its course.”

    “In a second. I almost have enough pussy in my brain to try that again.” Frank said nervously as he put down the porn rag and cleared his throat before complying with his guest’s request. He told himself it was only "because he was stoned" as he put the proffered cockhead in his mouth and started sucking. The taste of Jeremy’s dick was becoming familiar to him, and he slid more of it into his mouth swirling his tongue around the rim of the head. He adjusted his position on the bed so he could get more of it in his mouth.

     “Tastes good, doesn’t it?” Jeremy joked.

      Frank didn’t answer as his mouth was otherwise engaged. It didn’t take very long for him to get into it, licking, kissing and slobbering as he shamelessly worshipped his buddy’s meat with his hand and mouth. It added a whole different dimension to his high. Whatever inhibitions he harbored were forgotten as he gagged himself repeatedly with Jeremy’s boner in an effort to get it down his throat. At that moment, the only thing that mattered to Frank was pleasuring his friend by sucking his cock. He thought briefly that even if his father were to burst into the apartment right now (although unlikely, as he’d put the chain on), he would be probably unwilling to relinquish the adored member. Besides the faint wailing of the chick in the porno flick, the only sounds in the room were the wet noises of the blowjob. Frank was jerking his friend’s spit-dripping dick while he concentrated his attention on his ballsac and it’s precious contents when he felt Jeremy pushing him away from his devotional activity.

     “You don’t like that?” Frank asked while picking a stray hair from his tongue.

    “I like it. You’re doing a great job. I just thought we’d take a short break. I don’t wanna cum yet.” Jeremy informed him.

    Frank back away (but not far) and looked at his friend with a puzzled expression. This hadn’t occurred during the previous incidents. Both times he sucked non-stop from first taste to cumload and Frank felt a little awkward.

    Jeremy smiled reassuringly and said, ”Let’s smoke another rock. Have a drink. It’ll only make it better.” as he reached for the dope and paraphernalia. He could see that Frank was uneasy with this unexpected interruption in the cocksucking process and handed him the loaded pipe with a easy grin. “Here. I’ll light it for you.”

    While Frank inhaled from the glass tube Jeremy lit a cigarette and took a sip from the bottle. They passed the pipe back and forth until it was dead. Frank never looking directly into his pal’s eyes. His ears and face were flushed from embarrassment but it wasn’t noticeable in the dim lighting of his studio. He cleared his throat again and said, “Maybe we should stop now.”

    Jeremy paused while ashing his cigarette and asked, ”What? Smoking crack?”

    “No,” Frank replied, ”the other thing.”

    “What? The blowjob? Why?” Jeremy questioned airily.

     Frank winced at the word, they’d never said it out loud before. "A little suck" sounded much less definite. But hearing “blowjob” made his blush spike until it felt like a fever. Yet, he couldn’t come up with an answer. He tried to think of a plausible reason why not to continue on with what they were doing but couldn’t formulate a concise argument.

     “You sucking like this, maybe it’s not such a good idea. You know... so soon since the last time...” Frank mumbled lamely.

     “Don’t get weird.” said Jeremy as he leaned back with his hands behind his head. “We’re high. It’s no big deal. You’ve done it before. You were doing such a good job I didn’t want it to stop. If I blew my wad right away, what would we do for entertainment after you swallowed my cream this time? Turn the TV off and just relax.”

     Frank picked up the remote and shut off the television. He appreciated having something to do even if it only required pointing a device and pressing a button. The room became instantly darker and he leaned back next to his friend aware that Jeremy had made it clear that he expected Frank to suck and swallow. He took hold of his buddy’s tool and said, “You’re still pretty hard.”

    “So are you.” Jeremy pointed out.

    “It’s just that...” once again Frank was at a loss for words as he idly continued to caress Jeremy’s prick to full erection.

     “Do you hate doing it?” Jeremy whispered.

     “No. It’s just that...I think...” Frank’s words trailed off.

     “Feel how hard my dick is getting? It’s thinking about how nice your mouth feels on it.” Jeremy intoned. “So we took a little break. We’ll probably take another later on. What difference does it make? Go ahead, buddy. No reason why we both shouldn’t enjoy ourselves. It’s just a little sucking. No big deal. We get high, we watch some porn, and you suck my dick a little bit. What’s the problem?”

    Jeremy’s voice was so soothing. His words like an incantation. Frank muttered, “Maybe I’ll do it again after another cigarette.”

    “Nah. You can wait until we have our next break-time for that. You really just want to suck me, don’t you, Frank?” Jeremy said, stating the obvious.

     “Well, I wouldn’t say 'want to.' I mean, I’ll do it. Like you said, it’s no big deal. We’re stoned, we’re horny....just a couple of guys fooling around.” Frank offered with a pretty fake laugh.

    “Frank, you don’t need to make excuses. What you need to do is put my dick back in your mouth.” Jeremy told his buddy as he gently pushed Frank’s head down onto the cock he was holding. “That’s it. See? No big deal. Just us enjoying a little 'guy time' with you giving me a little head.”

    And so, Frank, once again, began the sloppy services of worship. Jeremy sighed contentedly as he drove his prod further into his host’s gullet and succumbed to his crack high. Frank was likewise succumbing to the dual high of the dope and the cocksucking. In the back of Frank’s mind, he accepted that he had never felt the intensity of intimacy with any other person that he felt for Jeremy’s dick at this moment. Every once in a while, the notion that it was due to the drug usage presented itself but the intoxicating love he felt for this tube of flesh would cancel out that line of reasoning. He was sweating and afraid to even touch his own hard cock fearing that if he shot off, this magic connection to Jeremy’s tool might disintegrate. Frank actually got the head of Jeremy’s prick into his throat a few times. He spit up some very slippery mucus but just used it to jerk on the base or play with the scrotum before lapping it up. Sometimes Jeremy would gently stroke the back of his head and sometimes he would force Frank’s head down until he began gagging. Frank was engrossed in putting every centimeter of cock into his mouth when, once again, Jeremy nudged his forehead away from the treasure. Jeremy got up from the bed.

    “You didn’t cum already?” Frank croaked, his mouth full of saliva and feeling strange without a dick in it.

     Jeremy chuckled. “Just a mini-break.” he informed his buddy. “I’ve gotta take a piss.” He stood at the edge of the mattress looking down at Frank. His spit-slickened cock looked enormous. “Look what you’ve done to my dick! You made it twice its regular hard-on size. Feel like getting up on your knees and sucking me some more before I go to the bathroom? We’ve never done it standing up before.”

    Frank didn’t hesitate for a second. The reticence he’d experienced during the first interruption were gone. He got into the classic cocksuckers’ kneeling position before his friend and marveled at how this variation enabled him a whole new range of motion. He mewled contentedly as his head bobbed to and fro on the beloved bone. He grasped Jeremy’s thigh with one hand and rolled his balls with the other. Frank had never felt as “real” in his entire life. Jeremy held Frank’s ears and fucked his cock down his buddy’s throat.

    “Too bad I have to pull out to go to the bathroom, huh? You’re taking so much more of it and I get to set the pace once in a while. You’re loving it, huh? I can tell.” He buried his bone deep in Frank’s maw held it there until his buddy indicated that he needed to breathe. Finally he said, “You gotta let go of it, Frank. I gotta pee.” Jeremy said in a bemused fashion without making any effort to pull away to go to the bathroom. Frank couldn’t bring himself to stop sucking right then. Jeremy interlocked his fingers on the top of his head and whispered. “Suit yourself.”

     Frank felt a jet of the steaming acrid fluid in his mouth and understood that he’d just swallowed urine. He tightened his grip on the base of his guest’s erection to cut off any more flow and removed his lips from the cock. He was slightly confused.

    “I warned you.” Jeremy offered.

    “I know.” Frank said.

    “You wanna try it?” Jeremy inquired.

    “Whaddya mean?” Frank asked although he knew.

    “Drinking.” Jeremy stated.

    “I don’t think I can.” Frank said suddenly feeling very ashamed.

    “Come to the bathroom with me. If it doesn’t happen, no big deal. You can just hold it while I go.” Jeremy chided.

     “It’s not something I....” Frank said in a pained voice.

      “Just come with me then.” Jeremy directed, “I gotta go now or I’m gonna piss all over your bed.”

      Frank scrambled up and followed his buddy into the bathroom. He felt disoriented and uncomfortable but still he sat on the toilet and closed his lips around Jeremy’s tool, squinting up his eyes in dreadful anticipation. Then the hot stream began. He took two swallows and then sputtered the cock out of his mouth, piss spraying all over his face and chest.

     “Too much.” he whined.

     “Okay. Let’s try shorter bursts.” Jeremy suggested.

      Frank was torn between his revulsion and the desire to please his guest and feel the cock in his mouth again. Jeremy gripped his buddy’s jaw and splashed another shot of piss into Frank’s mouth. Frank swallowed it down and then nodded, signaling that he was ready for more and it came. He ended up drinking most of it and he could feel his belly expanding. The tangy stale aroma filled his sinuses and the bitter taste lingered in his mouth. His eyes teared up from the pungent odor in his nostrils.

    Jeremy said, ”You did really good once you got the hang of it. You okay?”

    “I didn’t think...” Frank mumbled as he swiped his arm across his mouth in disgust.

    “It’s probably better not to think all that much when it comes to this stuff. Hahaha!!! Right? Come on, let’s get in the shower and get you cleaned up.” Jeremy said as he clasped his pal’s shoulder in a friendly manner.

    Frank allowed himself to be guided into the tub and stood there motionless as the water pelted down on his shoulders. Jeremy handed him his toothbrush loaded with toothpaste and encouraged him to clean up his mouth. As Frank brushed Jeremy took the soap and lathered his buddy’s chest and groin where the piss had splashed. Although the strong tang of peppermint masked the urine taste effectively, it didn’t get rid of it completely. Frank eventually came back into the moment when he felt Jeremy’s cock pressed up against his own. Soon he began washing his friend, exploring his body while soaping him up and getting sexually excited again. It took a slippery finger in his butt-hole to realize that Jeremy hadn’t been grinding their cocks together so much as he’d been slathering soap into Frank’s ass crack. Frank stiffened up.

    “Did that hurt?” Jeremy asked in a concerned tone.

    “No. I just wasn’t ready for it.” Frank replied.

   Jeremy ground their two hardons together in a dreamy motion, his hands still cradling Frank’s butt cheeks, as strong fingers tenderly clawed at the tender outer-pucker of the sphincter. They stood there under the stream of warm water, bodies pressed closely against each other, swaying slightly to the rhythm of their mutual desire. The finger reentered Frank’s body and stayed there.

    “You were ready for it this time, huh?” Jeremy whispered in his buddy’s ear. His finger remained lodged deeply in Frank’s rectum, waiting for permission to become active.

    “Why are you doing that?” Frank asked.

     “Why not? We’re in the shower, our dicks crushed up against each other. It’s just a little exploring.” Jeremy said.

     “Jer, I really don’t think I can do this. The sucking thing I’m just getting okay with, but fucking around back there is something else.” Frank implored while instantly regretting using the word “fucking.”

    Since Frank didn’t directly ask for the ensconced digit to be removed, Jeremy began a steady circular fucking motion until he felt Frank relax enough to accept a second finger.

     “See? You can do this. It’s just a couple of fingers. It doesn’t matter. We’re both hard, we’re both having a good time. You’re accepting it already. It’s just some fingers playing with you down there. Nothing to worry about.” Jeremy crooned.

    “No, really. Jeremy. I think I can only deal with the sucking. I can’t...” Frank pleaded helplessly as the two fingers continued plowing deeper into his virgin canal. He dropped his forehead on Jeremy’s shoulder and held tightly to his waist.

    “I hear you, buddy. Just the sucking and a little bit of this for now. You’re doing good. Whaddya say? Do you want me to stop doing this now or can I keep it up for a little while longer? It feels kind good for you, right? Just a couple of fingers, buddy.” Jeremy muttered.

    Frank swallowed hard as he grasped that the invading digits were no longer causing him as much physical discomfort and that gyrating up against Jeremy’s cock was very comforting. He nodded his head in silent agreement.

     Jeremy quietly said, ”Say the words, Frank. Tell me what you’re okay with. This is new territory for us both.” Meanwhile, he intensified the humping motion of his body and hand.

     “The sucking and you playing around a bit back there. I’m okay with only that much.” Frank answered in a halting whisper.

     “See? No big deal. I know you can handle this. Just a little more playing around and we’ll head back to bed.” Jeremy bargained as he introduced a third digit into the soapy orifice. Frank said nothing even though his ass-ring clenched up a few times in distress. Jeremy slowly turned his friend around until he was facing the wall. The tenant held on to the wall as his guest alternated between finger-fucking him and sliding his cock up and down in the crease between Frank’s ass cheeks. Jeremy tenderly caressed his friend’s chest and stomach as he humped his dick slowly along his ass crack.

    “Think you might be up for a little of this?” Jeremy inquired.

     “For what?” Frank said although he knew what was being asked.

     “I wanna put the tip of my dick inside you for a second.” Jeremy casually related.

      “That’s more than we agreed on.” the host replied. “besides, I think your dick is too big to go in.”

      “Can I try? Just the tip. Just for a couple of seconds.” Jeremy pleaded. “I’ll be careful. I want you to enjoy it too.”

      Frank said nothing but braced himself up against the tile wall and bent over slightly. Jeremy slathered more soapy water into his pal’s ass and did some extra fingering before lining his prick up with the hole. Frank winced as he felt the thick helmet of cock push through his ass-ring. He grunted at the impaling. Jeremy took a firm grip on his buddy’s hips and pushed a couple of inches more of his cock-stalk inside his compliant friend. The guest paused, luxuriating in the tight pressure of the violated chute.

     “That’s more than the tip.” Frank groused in pained resignation.

      “Just a little bit more than the head.” Jeremy informed him. “Less than half.”

      They stayed in that position, Frank bent over against the wall and Jeremy with his cock poised halfway between in and out. Gradually, slowly, Jeremy inserted the whole thing and they stayed like that for a while.

    “My whole dick is inside you now.” Jeremy commented. “See? No big deal. Do that again. Yeah. Grip my cock with your ass muscles like that. Again. Wow. Nice.”

     “You got to feel what it’s like.” Frank said, implying that it could now be withdrawn.

     “Can we stay like this for a bit?” Jeremy asked, “Just a little longer. I’m not pumping or anything. I just want to feel it some more. It’s so good. So tight.”

     “Maybe for a minute or two.” Frank relented.

     It was closer to ten minutes when Frank said that he was getting weak at the knees and the water was going cold so Jeremy pulled his dick out. They toweled off and returned to the main room. Once back in bed they did another pipe’s worth and smoked cigarettes. They swigged the Coke. Both taking a pass on more liquor.

    After a while, Jeremy said, ”That was pretty intense back in the bathroom, huh? You up for finishing the blowjob or should we just call it a night and go to sleep?”

    Frank stubbed out his cigarette. “I’m too wired to sleep just yet. Do you want me to suck you some more?”

    “Hell yes! It’s your specialty, right?” Jeremy answered and adopted a slightly modified “69” position. “I’ve built up a lot of cum for you tonight.”

    Frank thought that Jeremy might suck his dick but that wasn’t the case. He bypassed his host’s genitals and began playing with Frank’s ass. Frank took a hold of Jeremy’s semi and swallowed it whole. As he sucked he felt it expanding and lengthening under his ministrations. Soon, he felt himself swept into the spell of worshipping Jeremy’s dick and he applied himself to the task with vigor. Frank mechanically spread his legs wider apart as Jeremy spit on his fingers and began massaging Frank's somewhat startled asshole. It wasn’t too long before Frank was in the throes of passion, loving this cock as if nothing else in the world mattered. At first, he tried ignoring the finger sawing in and out of him, but eventually, he incorporated that foreign sensation into his blowjob efforts. Jeremy applied more and more spit until his buddy’s hole was a sloppy wet entryway, absolutely relaxed and receptive. Frank’s sopping sphincter even grasped Jeremy’s pistoning finger a couple times to prevent it from exiting.

    “You okay with a second finger up there, buddy?” Jeremy asked.

    Frank realized he was not only okay with an extra intruder, he was actually anticipating it eagerly. He took his devouring mouth from his friend’s cock long enough to reply, “Okay, but keep it up with the spit. Lots of spit.” As he went back to his delightful duty, he heard a little laugh and then felt the presence of another finger in his tenderized chute. Frank thought being finger-fucked felt weird but not particularly unpleasant, and he found that thrusting back at the team of digits actually made the process easier. He barely paused as the third saliva-drenched finger entered the fray but froze when the fourth was introduced. “That’s too many.” he informed Jeremy.

    “Sorry. I got carried away.” Jeremy apologized sincerely before hawking a big gob of spit into the mix. He used three fingers for a while but eventually widened the spread enough to slip the fourth back in without riling his partner.

    “You’re really opened up.” Jeremy told the cocksucking host. “Do you like it? Me playing with you down here?”

     “It feels strange. I can’t tell if I like it.” Frank said, taking a little suck break because his jaw was beginning to complain.

    “Are you surprised that you could take my whole cock in the shower?” Jeremy asked.

     “I guess. Tonight seems full of surprises.” Frank said easily as the four fingers worked themselves in and out of his mangled bung-hole.

     “You could probably take my dick up there right now without too much trouble.” Jeremy mused. “It’s so open and ready.” He added yet more saliva into the mauled anus.

     Frank recognized, although peculiar-feeling, the stuff Jeremy was doing was keeping his own dick rock-hard. He thought how odd it was that the two of them, fucked-up on crack, were having this conversation as his ass was being constantly stretched out by the thorough fingering.

     “We don’t have to. I’m fine with the just the cocksucking. I know you’d probably rather suck my dick instead. You’re like in a trance when you have your mouth stuffed with my cock. I just thought... you know... since we’ve gone this far already tonight.... I mean, my dick’s already been in there so we both know you can take it.” Jeremy speculated.

     “Let’s take a cigarette break. I’ll think about it.” Frank suggested.

     “You smoke. I ‘ll keep doing this. You like it, right? Your dick is real hard. It’s fucking drooling. Probably mostly from the cocksucking but maybe a little from me doing this with your ass, right?.” Jeremy stated.

     “I dunno.” Frank answered.

      “Well, whaddya think? Are you that hard from just sucking on my bone or is it a combo of my dick and my fingers up inside of you like this?” Jeremy pressed the issue.

      “It might be both, I don’t know.” Frank confessed.

      So while Frank smoked a cigarette, his friend continued with the assplay. Jeremy wrestled around with his buddy until he was laying on top of him. Jeremy's hard-on lined up with Frank’s slimy ass-crack. Frank blew smoke rings and considered his friend’s use of the word ‘cocksucking’ so regularly. That’s what it was but it sounded harsh. His buddy was nearing the point of familiarity with the term that “cocksucker” might become part of his language any minute now. Frank also contemplated how much he got charged up when Jeremy talked about what they were doing. Then, he felt two exploring fingers inside him and the hot weight of his friend’s cock sliding against his butt cheeks.

    “You’re pretty determined.” Frank observed.

     “You might like it once I get my motion going.” Jeremy opined.

     “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Frank said as he stubbed out his butt.

      “Nothing to be afraid of. My dick has already been in there, right?” the guest reminded him. “It won’t be much different this time around.”

      “Would you still respect me in the morning?” Frank joked.

      “Shit. I don’t respect you at all... never have!” Jeremy laughed.

      Without another word, the host lay face down on the mattress and spread his legs for his guest. Jeremy applied a copious amount of smoker’s spit to his prick and guided it towards the split he’d created with his fingers. The head of his cock prodded the nervous sphincter and started going in. He paused when he heard a painful gasp from his buddy, but he wasn’t asked to withdraw so he slowly continued to install his tool into the slimy silkiness of his friend’s canal. When it was almost entirely into Frank’s rectum he collapsed his full weight onto his friend.

    “Does it hurt?” Jeremy asked.

    “Yeah.” Frank said through clenched teeth.

    “Do you want me to take it out?” the guest offered.

     “Shut up and get on with it.” Frank hissed.

      So Jeremy began pumping it in. He firmly gripped his friend’s shoulders and slowly began fucking him up the ass. Same movements as fucking pussy, maybe using a bit more force. It occurred to him that never in his life had he even thought about taking another person, man or woman, from the rear like this. He wouldn’t allow himself to admit that this felt better than any of the pussy he’d fucked in the past few years. Jeremy drilled his tool into his buddy’s tight slop-box and groaned with sheer pleasure.

    Frank on the other hand had a bunch of thoughts all clawing for domination in his brain. He considered the pain as an offering to the cock from which he derived so much pleasure earlier on. He wondered if his crack-smoking was going to lead him down other, more dangerous (more delightful?) strange paths. He marveled at the feeling of his guts being suctioned and compressed over and over again while being fucked and imagined it must be similar to what girls felt. He questioned whether or not this might be a problem for their long-standing friendship. As Jeremy’s thrusting became more frenzied, he understood that what was initially so uncomfortable had developed into something he wanted badly, and he began fucking his ass back into the slamming in a truly cooperative manner.

    “I’m gonna shoot.” Jeremy stated hoarsely.

    “Do it. fill me up with your cum.” Frank coaxed.

     Frank’s oral invitation sent Jeremy over the edge and he violently punched his hard cock into his buddy’s broken ass repeatedly in a way that he would never even consider doing with a girl. Jeremy shuddered as the load of cum he’d built up throughout the night exploded out of his cock into the depths of his buddy’s plumbing. He grunted noisily as he was drained of his man-juice. His body convulsed a few times and then he went completely limp atop his host. They lay there motionless in the dark for quite a while until Jeremy’s softened prick slid out from the bruised orifice. The guys said nothing for a long time as they recuperated from the fuck. Neither felt particularly awkward or embarrassed by the situation and eventually Jeremy rolled halfway back on to Frank’s body.

    “That was good.” Jeremy said, “I really enjoyed it.”

     “I could tell.” Frank murmured into the pillow.

     “Do you think you’ll let me do it again sometime?” Jeremy said.

     “I dunno.” Frank said, “Probably.”

     Jeremy persisted, “Do you think if we do it for a while you might want it as much as you want to suck cock now?”

    “I dunno. Maybe.” Frank conceded in a whisper.

    “Did you cum while I was fucking you?” Jeremy asked.

    “No.” Frank replied, again somewhat discomfited by his buddy’s choice of wordage.

    “Are you going to cum tonight?” his friend inquired.

    “Yeah. I guess.” the host responded.

    “What’s your pleasure?” Jeremy said.

    “Wanna try blowing me?” Frank asked.

    “You know that’s not gonna happen, don’t you? There’s only room for one cocksucker on this team and that would be you. We’re pretty clear about who does what, aren’t we? I don’t want there to be any confusion about what we’re doing here.” Jeremy asserted.

     “I was kidding.” Frank muttered.

     “And why was it ‘kidding’ and not a real idea?” Jeremy asked in all seriousness.

     “Because I’m the...” Frank fumbled to come up with a precise but not painful word.

     “The faggot, Frank. You’re the guy who sucks dick and gets fucked. I love you like a brother, we’re still best friends, it doesn’t matter to me what you are. Hell, I’ll gladly benefit from you being homo. I love getting my cock sucked by you. I have no problem sticking it up your ass on a regular basis, but there are rules and roles that have to be observed or we go our separate ways. You understand me?” Jeremy demanded.

      “Yeah. I got it.” Frank answered apologetically. “I swear I was just joking, but I understand. It won’t happen again.”

       Jeremy looked hard at his friend. “I’m not trying to hurt your feelings or anything. You knew from the first time you blew me that things were going to be different. They had to be. We could have fun with this shit or make it a misery and I don’t want that to happen. You’re an important person in my life, and I don’t want that to change. I pitch, you catch. That’s just the way it’s gonna be. Now understanding how things are, how would you most like to get off?” 

     “Jacking off while sucking you would probably work best.” was the answer Frank provided.

      The straight guy smiled his approval. “I don’t know if I can get it hard again tonight.” Jeremy admitted to his friend. “You can try, but my cock is pretty worn out.”

      “That’s okay.” Frank said.

      “It’s pretty dirty right now. Do you want me to go wash it or do you just wanna suck my dick ‘as is’?” the guest asked, interested in the answer. But throughout the various sex acts that happened this evening, Jeremy had been intensely curious as to how his friend would react and adjust to his transformation. Since the first time Frank had touched his dick with his tongue weeks ago, he knew that his buddy since grade school was no longer going to be a card-carrying member of the boys’ club. No, Frank was a faggot and just needed someone who cared enough to guide him towards that realization. Jeremy knew that his friend was beyond the point of no return when he didn’t demand that the finger be removed from his ass. The blowjobs, even the piss-drinking, could just barely fall under the “fucked-up on dope” umbrella. Hell, the first time Frank went down on him Jeremy had been so high that he might have done some cocksucking as well. Frank never asked and that moment had passed. But accepting a guy’s finger up his ass, and then a dick... well, that took it well beyond the realm of drug-related excuses. And now, he was presented with this choice.

      “As is.” Frank replied demurely.

      “So be it.” Jeremy sighed as he stretched out comfortably on the mattress, closed his eyes, and waited for his faggot buddy to take the shit-stained flaccid cock in his mouth and suck on it. He didn’t have to wait long.


— February, 2009 —

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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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