...to aid and abet my artistic enterprise.  Hahaha!!

Come on, guys. Help out an old perv with a dirty mind.


Click the button below to make a donation of any amount by Paypal. You can even use credit cards.

I want to thank up front any of the visitors to this website for pushing this button. Nobody comes to KirwanArts.com for me. They come to see the artwork that I produce. They come to view the erotic manifestations of my queer imagination and I'm tickled carnation pink to know that there's a bunch of guys out there who appreciate the drawings and can sense an echo of their own homo experiences in the renderings.

I'd prefer to leave the fantasy as that and intact, but the truth is providing free viewing of my extensive archive is not cheap. Art supplies and materials keep going up in price. Smart collectors who commission original works and sales of some older drawings are what's fueling my income at the moment.  So, if you can spare ten or twenty bucks now and then, I'd certainly appreciate the support.  The button above accepts credit cards and Paypal.

This is very difficult for me as I'd prefer that the folks who come to view the artwork weren't compelled to do more than enjoy themselves (and maybe beat off. Hahaha!!!). But if you guys want to see new stuff added to the galleries each month, I've gotta eat and pay the rent. Please pony up with whatever you can spare and you'll be able to boast to your buddies that you are a true "Patron of the Arts." Also, leave a message if you need me to grovel my gratitude personally.




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